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Friday, 14 January 2011

Free Download Snadboy Revelation V2

SNADBOY Revolution V2
It is not difficult to show the password on YM (yahoo messenger), with snadboy tool you can display the password.
We can dismantle the star character with this tool. This toll free which can be downloaded here

    1. Run the program, the first appearance is like the next picture.
    2. then provide the targets will be unloading
    3. click the plus sign in circle kemusian drag toward yanag password on YM, Than a few moments later

moment and then the password will is shown as picture below

now appear in the text of the Windows password Under circled + cursor (if available).
so be careful when chatting in the cafe do not forget the signout to keep the subscription password you like the above.

Download Link: Snadboy

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