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Monday, 3 January 2011

Free download Deepreze v6. With serial number

Your computer a virus? accidentally deleted program? computer suddenly hangs after you install something? If you use Deep Freeze, this will be prevented ... To use Deep Freeze your computer should be divided into at least 2 partitions of partitions "master" for the installation of computer systems such as Windows OS, the second partition "secondary" to the data, the installer and backup. There are some people who use this software partition dividing by 3 to 4 for data / installer / backup. I recommend if your computer has a large memory and hard disk access is fast (SATA least) may do so because the new computer system will be slow, especially when loading.

Deep Freeze is suitable for computers that usually function just to run the software and the routine rarely changes, such as:
1. Computers that are placed in a public place and can be accessed by several people such as computers in schools, libraries, banks and government offices or public service
2. Computers are used for rental such as Internet cafe and gaming center
3. Computer work at the office or at home that often access to the internet and install the program for testing only after that on uninstall
4. Computers are often subject to viruses, the wearer does not want to take the headache every time I install or Windows format
5. Server computers are typically used for online or internet access

Typically, you use Deep Freeze to only your system partition or partitions only "master" because this partition is the most attacked by viruses or having problems with the OS during startup. It's just that this program had a weakness after installing means you can not add anything to the disk partition that has been frozen. This means that when you make any restart on windows partition (system usually C: \) after the 'frozen' will be lost lenyap.Oleh therefore recommended before using this software should be used to partition your hard drive. To partition the data should not need to install Deep Freeze because you do not want when you restart your computer your data is lost or returned to its original position before being changed. If your computer is the single partition (there is only "C" just does not exist "D", where "D" is not a CD / DVD-ROM or RW), you should not use this software unless you want to turn it into 2 partitions using software such as Partition Magic.

Check Download Link here
How to Uninstall
If you remember your password Uninstall this program can be done in the following way: First go Dlm thawed mode. press ctrl alt shift simultaneously press F6 or Shift + double click on the icon in the bottom corner deepfreeze taskbar. Enter the password, and select thawed, and restart. Furthermore, un-install the installer should be distinguished dipake dg deepfreeze install (That is, the installer function jg as un-installer.) Done ....

 Uninstallation process becomes more complicated if you forget your password. Here's how you can do (but I do not bear a consequence if there is damage to your system):

1. Prepare a CD-ROM and CD Installer his Windos XP

2. Set First Boot priority to CD-ROM was

3. Restart your computer and select boot from CD-ROM

4. Follow the steps such as when installing Windows

5. Up on the Enter to Setup ... press enter and press F8 for the agreement and wait a moment

6. Then press R for repair (Repair Setup). But first make sure there is always after press F8 option "repair ..." her what ga. Kalo ga there, I suggest you do not dilanjutin first.

7. Next follow the next windows install steps until finished.

8. Now prepare his DeepFreeze v.6 and double click.

9. It will appear the windows uninstall DeepFreeze and do the uninstall process until selese

10. Now the problem has been finished ...
Deep-Unfreezer also may try if forgotten password. Create download Deep-Unfreezer, try searching on, there is a search engine, fill the word deep unfreeze, I think a lot of tuh free download ....
There is also software called XDeepFreeze can overcome the same thing, but sometimes this software can damage your OS system.

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