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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How to Establish Firm Hips And Buttocks

Beyonce Knowles was the first to popularize the term Bootylicious. This term is associated with a woman who is confident with her body that contains and grooved. When Beyonce (or Jennifer Lopez), a full-confident with his hips, how about you?
You may be a bit insecure, because your hips are not as firm as owned by Beyonce. Finally, wear a corset to be a way out. In fact, this method will only improve your body's just a moment. What if you try to do exercises to shape your hips and buttocks?
Andrea Metcalf, author of Naked Fitness, shares tips to form a tight butt. This exercise you can do yourself at home.

Double Knee Leg Lifts 

Exercise begins with sitting with knees bent to one side, then slowly lower the weight. Use one hand to rivet body (arms straight, or better when bent and resting on elbows). "Lift one knee upwards of 20 times, then hold for 10 counts, and repeat 10 times. Repeat for other leg, "said Andrea.
Speed Skates 

Stand with feet parallel, then cross the left foot forward right foot in the skating position. Tapakkan right foot on tiptoe position, so that was no stretch. Then, jump to the other side so that your right leg crossed to the front and left foot flat on the rear. Do alternately.
Side Lunge

 Stand with feet parallel, then step forward right foot to the side. Right leg thumb "pointing" to the front, while the other leg slightly bent. "Pull back your right foot to the middle. Change the movement with the left foot, and do the repetition of 20 times. "
CurtsyThis movement is part of the hamstring stretch, or stretch hamstring. Align the two legs, then step forward one foot to the rear. Lower body by bending your knees (knees stepped foot into the back do not touch the floor). The two legs form an angle equal sides. Return the leg to the parallel position, then replace it with the other foot. Do 20 repetitions.
Bridge Ball Curls 

Lying with your back straight, and then put both feet on stability ball (can be purchased at sporting goods stores). Slowly lift your hips. Hold your hips, then scroll ball using feet away and approaching from your body.
The movement is quite heavy for those not familiar. To facilitate your movement, prop your hips with a cushion.

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