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Thursday, 11 March 2010

How to promote your blog post

Cara mempromosikan artikel yg udah kita posting di blog.
Saya ambil dari forum DP (udah dirangkum):

1. Ping using Pingoat
2. Submit to Digg (Does this still give linkjuice?)
3. Submit to your StumbleUpon Pals
4. Make sure the page is in your sitemap which is submitted to Google
5. Add the link to one or a few of your Web 2.0 pages e.g. Squidoo
6. Any other suggestions on how you guys promote a blog post?
7. Email other bloggers in your niche about your new post. maybe they will link to you.
8. Do not digg of stumble each and every post. Sooner or later your url will be banned.
9. Try article marketing with the latest post as the link
10. Try blog commenting on the related niche to your post.
11. Publish a feed
12. Link to it from other blog posts as well. (internal or deep linking)
13. Share it on Facebook as a link (and encourage your friends to comment on it)
14. Add it to Bookmarking sites like Delicious
15. List it on other Social Networks like Tumblr, Squidoo or Reddit
16. put in twitter
17. Burn a feed so your post will be automatically updated on your forum posts and other places that accept burned feeds. (pake feedburner)
18. Spam with links, spam with blog comments, spam with semi truths, spam with junk, ripping of people (tidak dianjurkan)
19. use plug-ins and add-ons in Facebook and Linked-in which automatically on your profiles.
20. Join disucssion
21. Tell someone that your post is nice.

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